Mobile Chicken House

This Spring, we bought a new Wilson stock trailer which was proudly made in South Dakota! The next question was “What to do with our old trailer?”

The trailer has now become a dual functioning piece of ranch equipment. George made moveable chicken nest boxes with hooks when remodeling our chicken house in 2011. Now he has created a portable roost with hooks and made a swinging bar for holding the feeder. All of the equipment inside the trailer is removable so the trailer can still be used as a stock trailer as needed. He used tin from the 2007 barn remodel to keep the elements off of the chickens so they can stay warm and dry in their mobile unit. He cut and placed plexi-glass on the back gate and front sides so we could see what is happening inside the trailer when hauling livestock.

The chickens will have fresh pasture daily and will be fertilizing various areas of the pasture with their manure.  While they enjoy their summer home,  we will be cleaning out their winter chicken house and the vegetation in their winter chicken yard can grow back lush to wait for the chickens return in late Fall.

Promoting Your Agricultural Endeavors

It is important to promote one’s ranch or farm. It can be done easily
without having to take out an operating loan from the bank. We have found
the following ideas to be inexpensive and effective marketing tools.

It is quite easy to make quality business cards using a home computer and
printer.  Use pictures of your homestead and or your agricultural livestock
or products to individualize your business cards.  Quality cardstock or
printable magnets can be bought for under $20.00 for about 100 cards.
(Picture above is magnet and below is card).

Vista Prints is a company that is quite useful for small marketing projects
with fast quality results.  We ordered magnetized vehicle door banners, hats
and my soap labels.  We received our order within 7 days. Also this company
has no minimum or maximum amounts of items to purchase  and they keep a file
so a person is able to repeatedly order the same items as needed- a good
example is our soap labels.  The company has pre-designed items or blank
templates for you to use your creativity.

Now more than ever, it is time to put rancher/farmer ingenuity to good use
and be proud to promote our livelihood in agriculture.

Easter Gift

On April 7, 2012 around 11:30, our Nubian doe, Polka Dot delivered by
herself a set of quad bucks!  All four bucks are uniform in size and active.
Polka Dot is claiming all her babies.

We had been wondering about her  because her udder looked like she was
already being milked twice a day.  She was just building up a food supply to
feed 4 hungry babies.

The kids weighed 6lb 8oz, 6lb, and the last two weighed 5lb 6 oz.
We are off to a good start kidding!