Buku Savanna Bucks!

Thanks to everyone who purchased livestock and added England Ranch genetics to their herd.

We have 8, from a total of 24, 2015 bucks still for sale: Gus, Callen, Spock, Festus, Matterhorn, Vladmir, Rico, and Cyclone.

We are currently taking reservations for 2016 kids-bucks and does.


Our goats were prolific this year!

We have a total of 23 Savanna bucks for sale. These Savanna bucks provide a good selection of breeding bucks from 3 different herd sires. All were raised on the beautiful South Dakota prairie.

We provide a discount for volume buyers.

 The sires for these bucks are Iceman, Stonewall and Okie.

  • Iceman has 3 bucks listed: Woodrow (SOLD), Festus, McClintock (SOLD)
  • Stonewall has 8 bucks:  Gus, Dusty (SOLD), Chumlee (SOLD), Leprechaun (SOLD), Chisum (SOLD), Newt (SOLD), Big Jake (SOLD) and Cahill (SOLD)
  • Okie has 10 bucks: Cyclone, Rico, Prairie Star (SOLD), Vladmir, Matterhorn, Pedro (SOLD), Alejandro (SOLD), Callen, Spock and Michelangelo (SOLD)

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information!