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Savanna Goats

Savanna Goats

England Family Ranch Savanna Genetics are 100% Verified!

England Family Ranch Savannas are not Affected by DNA Discoveries


England Family Ranch has been fortunate that our herd was not affected by the recent DNA discoveries. Our heart goes out to those that were.


England Family Ranch Savanna Genetics are 100% DNA Verified!

Every full blood buck and doe at England Family Ranch Savannas has been DNA verified! Our herd currently has 4 different buck bloodlines and will soon have 2 more.


We have been breeding registered Savanna goats for a few years now! At the present time, we are currently increasing our breeding stock and only offering bucks for sale. The Savanna breed will improve genetics in either a registered or commercial herd.


We have purchased a second Savanna buck from Kenneth Mincey. He has been dubbed “Stonewall” after the famous Confederate general Stonewall Jackson. It is fitting as he was born in Georgia! The plan is to have him breed our does that were sired by our first herd buck, Ice Man. It will be exciting to see the combination of genetics in the Spring.

Why Savanna?

A Savanna has kidding ease, good mothering traits and high fertility with a long productive life. The Savanna goat is tolerant of a variety of weather conditions including extremes of heat, has high parasite resistance and is well-muscled with a high meat ratio. The breeding selection was based on goats who could survive the harsh climate and kid with ease independently.

​Origins of Savanna Breed

The Savanna breed was developed from the indigenous goats of South Africa. In 1955, DSU Cilliers and Sons began breeding the indigenous goats along the Vaal River which is a harsh arid climate.

The Savanna Goat Society of South Africa was established in 1993 and created a breed standard.  In 1995, Jurgen Schulz imported the first Savannas to the United States. Most Savannas in the United States today originate from these goats or are imports directly from South Africa either as breeding stock or embryo transplants.


Savanna Characteristics

  • White short glossy hair coat thickening to cashmere in the winter months

  • Thick pliable black skin with dark pigmented speckled ears

  • Muscular, meaty back, loins and rump

Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions you may have. Our phone number is 605-344-2560, or email us at

Pedigree International 2018 Gold Sponsor

Gold Sponsor Pedigree International 2018


England Family Ranch is a GOLD Sponsor for Pedigree International.

This registry is the original registry for Savanna goats.


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