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George’s Handywork

The chicken house is now done on the inside and as soon as it is dry we’ll be stuccoing the outside and it is finished.

From scrap lumber, George made a mobile roost that you can raise up to clean under easily. He also made all the nest boxes and experimented with size and slight differences with each one to see what the chickens like best. I think he did an awesome job. He has gained so many carpentry skills over the years with ranch remodeling projects.

Presently, we are holding steady with half the does kidded and waiting for the rest who are looking very preggo. We are almost done calving and cattle are doing well.

For news on Pierre, SD check the Keloland website, people are very worried that Ft. Pierre is going to be submerged- the Oahe is extremely full and Belle Fourche is flooded.

We pray for everyone’s safety and the least amount of damage.

We just want the rain to stop to plant the garden, mow the grass and be able to hay in a couple of weeks.

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