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Ranch Blessings

It is looking like 2012 is off to a good start for us.

Due to good friends, the barn is now completely wired on the inside- no dark shadows, can turn on lights at any door entrances and have plug in’s too! The guys came this weekend with supplies and set off to work- wouldn’t take pay so gave them canned goods and eggs.

The barn time and time again has shown us what good friends we have through help in keeping it in tip-top shape.  Another friend, is bringing us 2 free goats- her Mom had them and now needs a new home- plan for one is possibly goat summer sausage- which is like eating deer summer sausage and delicious and the other to give away to a youth raising goats in the community- I have 2 girls in mind.

Speaking of goats, our buyer from the south wants all of our crossbred doelings- so now we have started selling goats at 1-month gestation- we are happy.  We are planning to go to a new goat show in Newell, South Dakota and start making more selling connections closer to home.  We are slowly building are egg customer clientele and it will be even better this summer at the Farmer’s Market. We have all the calves due to be born in May already sold. George and my goal of selling directly off the ranch are starting to happen and we are very excited about it.

Speaking of livestock, does anyone want chickens? I prepared our order form and chicken recipes for mailing today- our plan is to have 2 batches of 210- so a total of 420- with 30 for us and 30 for our chicken mortgage- so 360 for sale. Plan to butcher 2nd week of July and second week of August- Just let us know.

Our friend is having her 90th birthday the 31st of Jan. George and I are hosting the Birthday Bash with a traditional Sunday dinner of fried chicken and all the trimmings.

Well, enough of the ranch report- Have a good week everyone!

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