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The Chicken Coop and Ranch Scoop

Here are the latest photos on the chicken coop- only things left to do is to wire it this weekend, have the stucco man stucco the outside, put up wire across the windows, build the nest boxes and roost and then the laying chicks will arrive. It turned out how George and I envisioned it.

Most of the cattle are calved out and doing well. We are getting prepared for goat kidding next- they are staying close to the barnyard and look ready to pop. The weather is finally turning nice.

Our neighbor was selected for our county to receive funding for another hoop house. He lost the top of plastic during a wind storm last week so bought heavier plastic- double layers and blows air between the layers. He has reinforced it and it will stay up all year and we can buy good fresh produce after our garden stops during the cold.


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