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You Might Be A Rancher If…

I just saw this list and thought it was funny- George and I can easily relate to everyone on the list. Shared from the County Agriculture Alliance Web page Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

  1. You convince your spouse that an overnight, out-of-state trip for equipment parts is a vacation.

  2. You wear specific hats to farm sales, livestock auctions, customer appreciation suppers, and funerals.

  3. You have never thrown away a five-gallon bucket.

  4. You have used baling wire to attach a license plate.

  5. You have used a chain saw to remodel your house.

  6. You remember AUM’s and yields from 10 years ago but cannot remember your spouse’s birthday.

  7. You have driven off the road while examining your neighbor’s fields.

  8. You have borrowed gravel from the country road to fill potholes in your driveway.

  9. You have buried a dog and cried like a baby.

  10. You have used a tractor front-end loader as scaffolding.

  11. You wave at every vehicle whether you know the driver or not.

  12. You always look when a vehicle passes your house, even at night.

  13. You refer to ranches by who owned them 50 years ago or more.

  14. You give directions to your ranch using landmarks, not road numbers.

  15. You know “Checkoff” is not a Russian diplomat.

  16. Your early morning prayer covers rain and cattle.

  17. Your ranch truck’s seat heater has four legs and a tail.

  18. Using the elevator involves a grain truck.

  19. You wake up when it’s dark and you go to bed after the evening news.

  20. You wear your boots to church.

  21. Family weddings and special events are planned around haying, gathering, and calving.

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