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About England Family Ranch


Contact us at the England Family Ranch for organic, cage-free, free-range chickens and eggs, organic grass fed Black Angus beef, or if you are interested in our next crop of fine Savanna bucks and doelings.

Our blog is about us making a living on the England Family Ranch and focuses on agrarian living on the High Plains of western South Dakota.

We try to live a sustainable, frugal life with emphasis on care of the land and livestock.  Anyone interested in learning more about us, sustainable agriculture and wanting to see a glimpse into the life of South Dakota ranchers should check in on us!

I post on a variety of topics focusing on organic methods, animal husbandry of cattle, goats, and chickens, improving land fertility, homemaking and food preservation skills.

My intent is to educate people about agricultural practices that work with nature and promote a healthy environment. These posts are also intended to encourage others to consider a life in agriculture and support of family owned and maintained farms and ranches.

I hope you'll enjoy your journey with us!

Visit us online at

England Family Ranch

Organic Ranching on the South Dakota Prairie
George & Suzanne England
25468 255th Street
Midland, SD 57552
Phone:  605-344-2560

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